Embroidered clothing (patches)

Another feature request from my side:

I think it would be really cool if we can also have our designs embroidered on clothing (directly or with a patch)
Especially on hoodies (breast patch), polo shirts and baseball caps.

See example below:

My designer created a few new logo’s for me. I want to share them with you to show how cool it looks when embroidered on a cap. (instead of printed) But ofcourse they also look cool on:

  1. Beanies/hats
  2. Breast (patch) on a jacket
  3. Breast (patch) on a polo

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Embroided usually looks cool. Trying to immitate this in 2D is quit rough but maybe can also be a way to coming closer to real embroidery.

Anyway- it would be too cool to embroider the designs on some products.

Yes, most requested item from people who buy our merch. We offered hats on the first day of launching the store, they were not happy with the printed on product for the hats. Beanies, hats, and polos need to be embroidered, dont care if it costs extra.

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We are already within an extensive testing phase in regards to offering embroidered products.
There is a lot complexity involved, from the quality of uploaded designs, to the special treatment of stichfiles and the question of the production itself. We are still testing if this is applicable for in-house production, or if we might use 3rd party fulfillers.
Embroidery as a print technique will come, but the timeline is still open


Hey there,
So I noticed this was from January 2021…any updates on the embroidery options?
Thank you.