Editing published design-multi design

I’d like to be able to edit the multi designs once they are put together whether they are published or unpublished.

Now, if you want to customise more than one logo onto the t-shirt for example, you have to creat a design by combining multiple logos. Now we have published everything, so 4 products and 10 mutil designs and we have 40 items on our shop (both USA and UK so 80 in total) Now, most of them have 3 logos, but i want to have an option to do the below:

  1. Remove one of the logos so instead of 3 printed areas, it only has 2
  2. Swap the existing logo with the same logo but different specification (because it wouldn’t print for some products due to specs)

This means doing 80 new product configuration which i’ve spent 2 weeks of work so if it can be done(i’m surpirsed this is not possible…how do other shops manage? especially the ones with more products and designs? also if your logo updates etc)

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Hi @User_NA-2ba7f692 Unfortunately, it is indeed the case that once articles with multiple print areas have been created, they can no longer be changed.

From the time of the products, you can only redesign them.

Unfortunately, you can only start the process again to exchange logos. If a completely new design comes into play, it must first be checked, which is why it cannot be inserted into existing items with several print areas.

Thank you for your understanding!

Love, P