Does anyone know how to specify Flex vs DTG?

Is there a way of making sure a particular design that I upload to my spreadshop is printed via FLEX instead of DTG and can this be done on a per garment basis?

The reason for my question - I have a number of logos that are single colour - printed white on dark garments and black on light garments - but DTG does not work well on Polo shirts whereas Flex is perfect.

I haven’t done a test on hoodies yet but I suspect that white DTG on a black hoodie would be similar to polo shirts and therefore I would prefer hoodies to be printed via Flex method.

If I upload an SVG, would I be able to somehow specify when to use flex and when to use DTG when I set up the designs and garments?

Do any of you have a solution for this?

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions

Unfortunately it is not possible for you to choose in the Partner Area which print type you want for your design. Rather it will be assigned automatically and is by default with digital printing whenever possible. Flock is only being offered on Create Your Own. Flex will be selected automatically if there is no other print type possible and if your design is a vector graphic.

Thank you for your speedy response @Cindy-Spreadshop :+1:

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