Design background

Hi there,

I am having an issue with background/transparency of only some of my designs.
First, let me say:

  • All my graphics/designs were imported on an already transparent background, so it’s not my designs
  • I also went into the settings for my shop under Shop Settings> “Appearance”> “Colors and Fonts” and selected Transparent where is says ‘Choose a background color for your products’

I am at a loss since most of my images/designs appear beautifully (with transparent background) on my shop’s black background. A couple of them show up as a light grey and it throws off the whole flow.

Any ideas?

@Britta_Spreadshop Any ideas?

Some images to help us understand what you mean might help :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! Good point lol

Here, I’ve indicated some of the designs that are showing up with the grey-ish background I was talking about.
You can see:

  • I selected the “transparent” background option in the settings
  • The other designs have no issues. They look perfect with the black background.


So I think I’ve figured it out! :smiley:
Any design that I upload which the system deems as being not high quality or not large enough gets edited by Spreadshirt and those edited images are the ones that always seem to show up with the background like this.
Frustrating, because of course I want my designs to print well and look their best! But because I end up using Spreadshirt’s edited version it messes up the look of my page.

Can anyone confirm that correct size of PNG to upload so that designs are optimized? (I thought it was 4000 x 4000 px but maybe I’m wrong).
@Rico_Spreadshirt @Thomas_Spreadshirt @Britta_Spreadshop