Describe the design for all languages?

I have activated all languages ​​for my shop. But you can only offer the design description in one language. In my case it says that I have to describe it in Dutch, but then the description in all shops is in Dutch. Is the best way to offer the design description in English, because the chances are best that a visitor speaks English?

The design description & name will be translated if your design is considered “international” - f.ex if it has no text.

Do you have a design ID for me to check? I could help you out further.

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Hello Sara

Thanks for your comment!

I have now understood that the design description is only translated on the market places and not in the shops. Your helpdesk advised me to make a version in Dutch for the marketplaces and an English version for my shop.

You asked for an example of a design. See below:

Design ID: 144065078

I assume that this is an international design and therefore also translated?

Hi there, I can’t seem to find the design in question in your account…?