Delete first page all products

Delete first page all products. please

Hi there, not sure I understand what you mean…?

main page. The first you see when you open the website its too messy. You should let us control the product we want to show in the first page or at least you should eliminate.

Well you cannot entirely clear the list page of your shop from all products. It would be rather bad for your conversion rate as your customers want to see some products / designs.

There are ways around this though: first possibility would be to get your own top level domain and integrate your shop into it. That way you’d have your own landing page. Not sure if that’s what you’d want though!

You can switch in your shop into the design view: that reduces the clutter on the list page. If you prefer to have the products: reduce the quantity to 12 items per page and further restrict the sorting: you can show just one product per design.

In my opinion customers should start the navigation of the product directly from the ribbon ( men/woman etc…)
So they will be less confused in find product. For instance like

source: customers

Ehm the difference here is that the site you are referring to is the landing page - not the shop itself.

You can currently have that by having your own website / landign page and integrating your shop in it. If however you don’t want to do that, I hope you’ll be pleased to hear that we are working on a new feature, “shop homepage” :slight_smile:

More info here: