Country selection on top of the shop page

There used to be a place where one could report errors or come up with new ideas to improve shops. Since
I can’t seem to find it anywhere, I’ll try here. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to have an option when setting up shop to have the ‘select language-globe’ on top or near the top of my shop-page. As of now it’s way down at the bottom and that is impractical if your going international with your shop.
I think it’s only logical for the customers to be able to select a preferred language. I know I could program that in my own website, but I also know it would not be too hard to do for Spreadshirts’ own programmers. :wink:


Heyyyyy, yeah we used to have one but well - it didn’t work out too well so we got rid of it :no_mouth:

This is a great suggestion and is in the scope of a project that we are working on. It’s a rather regular request so we’ve had it on our radar for a while but - needed to wait for the right moment. So it’s coming!

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Hey! That’s great! I will be looking for it and hope it will come soon. Keep up the good work!