Confusion about region + displaying my home address?

I am new to spreadshirts and slightly confused about region - I live in Denmark but my userbase is mostly British with a hint of mixed european nationalities. If I choose region “UK” and then create my shop, is that okay or will it cause issues down the line with payments etc.? Would it be better to have it as a Danish shop - and would it then be possible to configure it to have English language on the shop page?

Another thing I noticed is that it displays my full home address in the “legal” section at the bottom - surely that’s not required? How do I turn that off? I understand that the website needs to know how to get in touch with me for legal disputes, or even a 3rd party, but surely my address doesn’t need to be visible to any creep that has a peek?

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Nothing to worry here. It’s just about the domain your shop will live in. So instead of .dk, it’ll be
If your clientele is across the Europe, I’d recommend enabling “all languages” in your shop settings, meaning that the domain & language will adjust to the user.


Here there’s noting we can do :confused: As Spreadshirt is a German company (and we host your shop), we are obliged to provide an Impressum, which in this case means displaying valid contact information for the content in the shop.

If you are uncomfortable using your home address, maybe there is a business address you can use?

In these privacy-post-GDPR times I find the part about addresses shocking. I completely understand the website using an identifier for me - for example a username - and them giving out my address to people presenting an actual legal dispute, but to make someone’s address google-able? No. I understand that this is German law, but then maybe you should consider adding hosting outside Germany for the rest of us. If this is my website, and my legal responsability, then German law should not apply as I am not German, nor selling to Germans.
I don’t have a business location to use and I doubt very much that my workplace would be impressed that I use theirs.
Would it be acceptable to use a friends’ address or a PO box?

Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you…

It’s unfortunately not that simple :confused:

I’ve spoken to our legal department and in fact wasn’t entirely in the full know about this myself.

The requirement is based on EU legislation, which is then applied to each and every EU country. As partners have direct influence on the content of the shop, their contact details are also required. This requirement must be considered in coexistence to GDPR.

Here is the Danish legislation on the topic:

As I’m not a lawyer, this is the extent I can help you out here. For some more information (if f.ex. a PO box address is sufficient), you should contact a lawyer who knows how this law is applied in Denmark.