Choose witch cups

Im not sure this is the right place for this, but here we go.
I work for a few volunteer organizations, and have set up shops for them.
What im seeing, is that if you have a white logo, and want to sell cups, the white cup is the only option that comes up when you are putting your motive on.

With tshirts and others, you can choose what collor and what shows up… i would like this on cups to, as a white logo wont show on a whit cup, but it will on a red cup, thats also for sale… now i need to put all cups up, and it loos silly having the white one there :frowning:


This is an issue we are aware of and we are working on.

I could double-check your account though interface-wise, what’s your user ID?

As long as you are working on it, im happy! :slight_smile: thank you.

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Well whaddaya know, it was released yesterday :wink:

Enjoy! :rainbow:

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Awesome!! thanks :smiley:

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Here to please, here to please :blush: This is kind of The Summer of Great Releases™ :smiley:

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