Buying Coupons for Promotional Usage?

Hello everyone,

we are thinking about giving you guys the ability to buy coupons for your own shops.
With such a feature we´d like to support you in your marketing efforts or e.g.

  • as a special price for your next community raffle
  • a dedicated present for your most loyal customers
  • useable when you want to give out a special deal for a bulk ordering customer

But before I´d like to know how do you see this offer and what do you think is
important to you.

  • would you use this offer?
  • what budgets are you handling usually when doing social media marketing

Feel free to also vote for this issue :slight_smile:

Hello @Thomas_Spreadshop

Great ! We’ve been talking about it for a long time :wink:
The idea is really interesting. I often wanted to offer my own coupons, as a special price for my community.

Of course, I would!

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Do you have a budget range, that would suit your piggy bank?

Yes this is what I need . I have subscribers that I would like to offer discount to .

I would definitely like this depending on the conditions. I’d like to offer percentage off to try and capture exit intent behavior.

Did this ever go anywhere? We would definitely like the ability to purchase coupons (codes) for The Stan Shop ( We would primarily use them to reward contributors to our open-source software development work.

Hi there,

we offer inidividual promotion codes but only from 1500$ worth of coupons upwards :slight_smile: Is this something of interest for you?

We too are interested in purchasing coupons for our shop. Like @macstanislaw we wish to reward contributors to our open standards and open source projects. Almost a year later, do you have anything available that is lower than $1500?

This is very important for us as well, and also with a much lower price point.

Is this happening?

Hey @User_NA-ce738200,
coupons are a huge topic for us for quite some time now. We’re sorry this takes so long but we are facing unexpected obstacles here. I’ll keep you posted!

News on this?