Best way to show designer on my WordPress website

What is the best way to embed the shirt designer on my wordpress website? I have a website called: For example I embedded the old way with iframe: The scrollbar is not working the way it should be. Also not responsive.

What do you think is the best way to show the designer on this domain. I need deeplinking to a product. I have to setup more than 40 pages on my website, all with there own deeplink code.

I also read about sketchomat/tablomat, but I can’t use google analytics right?


you could integrate yourself by adding tablomat/sketchomat javascript to your wordpress page or I could send you my free wordpress plugin (which isn’t downloadable in wordpress, because there is some linking effort needed).
Sample here with tablomat (sketchomat is default):

(the one you wrote my email already :wink: )

Hi Thimo,

Thanks again. With your plugin, Can I also deeplink per page?
Can you please send me the plugin?


Is Sketchomat different from the new designer that Spreadshirt released?

no should be the same

ok. looking forward to your plugin.

Please don’t forget to embed the basket widget and to fill the spreadplugin designer settings. So you have a basket onto your website.