Automatic changing the currency and location

  1. is there an option to have automatic redirect for the currency and location of visitors?
    Some online shops like Shopify have this option.

For example someone visits the shop that is on USA domain but is from Germany so should see everything in German and Have Euro , Someone visits from Uk should see in English and have GBPounds .

  1. Is it possible to have shops on those 3 domains (USA,UK,DE) and link them together so visitors will AT LEAST have option to choose their currency regardless of what domain of the same Shop they visit ?
    If yes how to link them ? where is this option in spreadshop settings?

  2. how to make automatic translation also if I want people from 50 countries do I need to set up 50 domains ? That would be ridiculous . Please help

Hi, here’s what you can do:

  1. You create an account and shop on our platforms for
    EU: Spreadshirt and
    US: Spreadshirt

  2. You enter the Shop Settings of both shops and go to “Advanced > Language & Currency”.
    There you can enter the Shop-ID of your US shop in the EU backend and vice versa.

  3. Now the users will be redirected to the right URL when they enter the shop.

  4. Under “Language & Currency” you can also activate the “All languages” option. This will cause that your shop will be available in all languages and currencies we offer.