Adwords for Spreadshirt - Help!

Hello, we would like to know how to implement the Google Adwords conversion code in Our Stores.
We currently use the “FOOTER OF PURCHASE VERIFICATION” space to implement the code, (as described in the attached image).
We are not sure if it is the right thing to do since there seem to be errors of duplicity in the conversions and false conversions that the adwords system marks us and that then do not translate into purchases.
Given the limited information on how to use adwords with conversions in the spreadshirt stores and the null information in Spanish we would like to help us and provide us with information on how to use adwords conversion tracking in spreadshirt.

Hi there,

You can add your google analyticsID to the shop settings (under “Analytics”) and then connect your Adwords-Account with the Analytics-Account.
We then send the tracking data to Analytics and Analytics gets synched with Adwords.

Let me know if this helped!


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Hello, I´ll do it as you can see in The image

Also i Have the Google Adwords Code as you can see in this image too

And also I connect anlitycs to my adwords account.
The Question is how to configure “Adwords conversion in SpreadshirtShops” …I need to insert a code . Where i should insert? It´s not enough syncrinozide, we need to say to adwords which is the final url … Like "thanks for your shopping " to do this. The Question is How to insert an external code to Spreadshops and in particular how to use google adwords conversion code in Spreadshops. Can you help me?

Hi there,

In theory, you do not need an additional conversion tag.
Could you please give this approach a try and let us know if this works out for you: Using Google Analytics for AdWords Conversion Tracking | PPC Hero
If it does not work out, please let us know why.

Kind regards

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We Try to make a Goal on analitycs That is the first step, recommended on the approach, but we dont know the spreadshirt “url” of thanks for your shopping.
So is impossible to continue. Can you hel us?