Add my own products?

Is there any way to add products I have created and produced on 4imprint? I already have some products in inventory that I would like to sell.

Hello @David_Turetsky currently you can not add products from different suppliers to your Spreadshop and have them go through the same checkout. But we provide another solution called SPOD: which integrates into a variety of E-Commerce Shop Solutions, such as Shopify, Magento and Marketplace Integrations. We do all the heavy lifting, you can focus on selling. So for example: you have a Shopify account where you sell your products from 4imprint. Then you add the SPOD Shopify App, which enables you to sell our products in your Shopify Store. If a customer places an order you will be notified and the order will be automatically assigned to us or has to be approved by you - that depends on your settings. So we still do the fulfillment for the merch and you take care of the 4imprint products. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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