2 Image products showing BACK in preview but important image is on front

Hi there.

I created a few designs with 2 images. One on front (the more important one) and one on back. I have other products with a single design and the shop preview shows the “front” of th shirt for single images which is correct…but on those images with one in front and a different one on back… the preview is the BACK of the product!!

I have artists nice artwork on the front and just our logo on the back. I want the artists image that takes up the entire front to be shown in the preview, not the back! Please tell me you guys finally have a solution to fix this?? I am seeing others who have the opposite issue. they want the back to be shown but are seeing the front, but in my situation I want the front shown, but the back is shown in the previews???

Is there some order in which we setup the products up, so the preview faces either front or back when you have an image on both sides??? Right now it seems the preview automatically always selects the incorrect side, no matter which side is the more important one to the store runner???

Please fix . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Very hard to sell the shirts if they come to my shop and see the back when the front image is the selling point. It sux. Thanks for your help. cheers.

https://shop.spreadshirt.ca/purerockradio (The top 2 rows have 2 images, with the back being shown rather than front. The rest are single images with the front shown, which is correct.)

Hi there,

Please read this article here:

This should fix your problem!

Quick question… is there an update I’m missing. My place selection section does not have the trash can nor star icons. I cannot delete an image no select the designated front image.

What am I missing?

Can you please post a screenshot of what you mean exactly? What are you trying to do exactly?

Please also read through this FAQ page first: https://help.spreadshop.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011755760-Creating-products-with-several-print-areas

Hi, I’m having the same issue as OP in this thread.
I have no option to choose the main design for the several print area products I have available.
The solution links do not help.

For these double print area products I want to show the front of shirt in the default product picture. Shop just decides to show the backside.

This is very saddening because I want to show the front of the product and I can’t seem to find the resolution to this.
Help is kindly appreciated!

Replying to myself:
The main print has to be chosen when you choose the designs for your multi-area-print products. Just saw it now, apparently there is no way to do it afterwards.
So make sure you do the starring for the main design before proceeding from that starting point.